Recycling is more than a business model at Grupo Baux. Our social responsibility is to contribute as much as we can to a more sustainable world. That philosophy has driven and directed our steps until today and will continue to do so in the future.

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The impact pollution has on ecosystems and people, as described in the recent publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is alarming. We are seeing the consequences of decades of limited controls on emissions without sufficient changes in the way we live and use the planet’s resources. Climate change will have an increasingly disastrous effect on all living things on Earth.
The COVID-19 pandemic directly or indirectly affected everyone on the planet and a parallel can be drawn with climate change. It will have an impact on the whole world sooner or later. One significant difference is that there is no cure or vaccine for climate change other than changing our behaviors on a personal and professional level. Everything we do produces emissions, and while companies have a more significant negative impact than individuals, we all need to take action.

The 2021 Baux Group Sustainability Report describes what we have accomplished along with our commitments for 2022 and beyond. The success of the circular economy depends largely on education. Still today, many people, communities and businesses do not understand the true effects of climate change and why it is important to act now. There are solutions, but implementation requires a strong will.

Paul Henri Chevalier

CEO Grupo Baux /Jupiter Aliminium Corporation

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The Baux Group is an industrial group dedicated to producing and coating aluminium and it is one of the industry’s largest companies in Europe. The Group is divided into two subsidiaries, each one dedicated to different phases of the aluminium manufacturing process: recycling aluminum scrap turning it into thin aluminium coils and using the coil coating process to paint them.

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Respect, Commitment and Excellence

our key group data for 2020


management approach and governance

BAUX Group has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) at
each of its plants, thus ensuring a standardized management and governance approach. In 2020, the Group began to define and implement various policies within the framework of AENOR SR10, an international standard for Social Responsibility Management Systems.

Certification IQNet SR10 Social Responsibility Management System

BAUX Group continues to make progress in building a better organization
and future for all. That is why we are implementing a new social responsibility management system, which will culminate in 2021 with certification under international specification IQNet SR10, with the following strategic objectives.

scope and methodology


The work associated with our renewed vision and values required an extensive effort among the employees. It was  primordial to think about what the word “sustainability”  means in general, but also in more specific dimensions such as planet sustainability, company sustainability and people sustainability.

While sustainability is where a species lives in balance with the natural resources, it is important to consider that everyone is a part of it and plays a role in it. It is about ensuring the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Thus, the sustainable economy is a growth model that reconciles economic,
social and environmental aspects to ensure that ethics are an integral part of the business.

Progress is measured against specific standards:

1 Standards used by asset managers when making socially responsible
2 Objectives set by the global international community for sustainable


The Sustainable Development Goals have been aligned with the company’s values with the objective to identify their most significant impact on our environmental, social and economic performance.

We also mapped the impact and influence of the various aspects of our business in order to develop specific action plans aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Equality and diversity

ODS 5. Full participation of women
ODS 10. Reducing all inequalities

The company firmly believes in and is committed to empowering its employees, promoting diversity of talent, and supporting the desire of its teams to grow.
Professional relationships are viewed as a long-term alliance in which everyone benefits.

The Equality Plan includes adapting procedures to guarantee the equal
participation of women.

Equality committees were set up in 2020, comprising representatives of management at each Group company and representatives of the employees. The committees are tasked with drawing up the Equality Plans, which are expected to be finalized in 2021.

The equality committees sent out a questionnaire to all employees, as a starting point for the initial diagnosis of the Equality Plans.

At group level, women accounted for 36% of executive positions in 2020, while seats on the Management Committee were split evenly between women and men.

Horizontal segregation.

Most of the women occupy clerical positions (68% of the total).

87% of men perform operations work.


Plan of Training impact 61,5% of the workforce trained. 11h/employee ↓ on 2019 due to COVID-19 restrictions and constraints.


Based on a circular business model, respect and care for the environment are in the Baux Group’s DNA. Since its foundation, environmental issues and impacts have been a priority in the Group’s strategic, operational, and support decisions.


ODS 12. Efficient management of natural resources

Our business is based on a circular economy model, since 100% of our raw material is recycled aluminum. It is therefore plain to see that at BAUX Group we attach special importance to waste recycling. We attempt to generate as little as possible, with every effort made to revalorize the material left over from production processes.

Water footprint

ODS 6. Efficient water use and water quality
ODS 12. Efficient management of natural resources

Actions have been undertaken to make water consumption more efficient.


ODS 7 through Efficiency and renewable energies
ODS 13 by Reducing atmospheric pollution

At BAUX Group, our objective is to continuously improve a low-carbon model to better address the challenges that our society is facing today.

We now calculate and share with our stakeholders the carbon footprint of two activities: virgin rolled recycled product and coated product. These calculations have been validated by a certifying entity.

The carbon footprint of the company’s products is among the lowest in the industry thanks to an extremely high level of aluminum scrap utilization.


The Baux Group firmly believes in social commitment. This commitment is demonstrated by its participation in the local communities and areas where it operates. Focused on improving dialog with all stakeholders, the Baux Group has an open, transparent, and fully collaborative relationships with the local governments in the places where it operates, especially with the city council.

Within this framework, the company decided to sponsor municipal soccer and basketball teams in Segorbe as well as to finance the purchase of sporting equipments for the municipal Sports Schools in Elche de la Sierra. With this support, the company has made it possible for local children registered for soccer, track and field, rhythmic gymnastics, and other sports to have the uniforms and equipment necessary to train and compete.

Neighboring communities

ODS 11. Culture ODS 3. Health and well-being

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, BAUX Group was rightly concerned about the welfare of its neighboring communities and collaborated with the local councils of Elche de la Sierra and Segorbe on various charitable projects and in taking the fight to COVID-19.

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with the same effort and commitment to the future.

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